Ginger menace

I have had a Canon 50mm f/1.4 for several years, but I’ve never used it because it was way off and the 5D couldn’t do micro adjustments.

I discovered recently reading the 6D manual that the 7D is also able to do micro adjustments to align lenses with cameras. As the 50mm becomes a 80mm because it’s the 1.6 crop factor, it makes it a pretty good portrait lens.

I made adjustments today and then tested on a semi cooperative ginger cat.


It was surprisingly simple:

  • Use something that will clearly show the zones that are in focus and those that aren’t. I used a yellow metal measuring tape.
  • Focus on a number from enough distance that the focus will be reliable. If too close, it can be a bit hit and miss.
  • Take several images at an acute angle to increase the distinction between in and out of focus zones.
  • Check where the focus actually is. For me it was clearly closer to the camera.
  • Adjust with the micro adjustments to move the focus to the right place. As it was closer to the camera, I moved toward the mountains logo.
  • Repeat until the focus is perfect. For me it was at +7.

Et voila, a perfectly working 50mm lens for the first time ever.