Beach wreck

Going over old photos, I spotted this one. It was taken on the 15/07/2006 with the Canon 350D + Sigma 10-20mm (my standard landscape shooting gear at the time). I liked it because the wreck looks like a beached whale.

I converted it to monochrome years ago, but I wasn’t entirely happy with the result. So I processed it again.

I started by converting to monochrome with the Mono mixer in Gimp (0.6 red, 0.2 green, 0.1 blue). The I split it into 3:

  • The sky, which I darkened.
  • The dunes, which I left untouched.
  • The sand and the foreground, where I increased the contrast to make the details come out.

I merged the 3 layers and added some vignetting.

Finally, I added a little bit of platinum tone because it goes well with the subject.