Let’s start again

I took on photography over 20 years ago. I was looking for a hobby and I had never done any photography before. So I bought a Canon 350D with kit lens because a friend of mine had a 300D and it looked nifty, and started learning.

It was a steep learning curve. I knew nothing about the hardware, the rules, or what is a good photo. I joined a forum (Photocamel, RIP) and discussed things with people there. I also received a lot of constructive criticism (you can tell it was a long time ago). Over time, I started to understand what made a good photo and I started developing my own style.

At some point, something clicked in my head: I started designing photos in my head, then looking to make them happen. Instead of the other way around. That’s the moment I consider I understood photography. Some photos took months to materialise because I couldn’t find the right spot or the right conditions. Most did in the end.

Over time, other commitments and every day life took over and I abandoned photography. I was reintroduced to it a few years ago through astrophotography, but it’s a very different animal (even though to start I reused my old Canon bodies as imaging cameras). Recently I decided to start again. My hardware was a bit old (my main camera was a 5D, with a 7D backup). So I bought a second hand 6D (less than 300€), and I’m starting to take photos again.

This blog will accompany me along that new journey.

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